Oksana serves as a Senior Financial Analyst at CORPOUS by leading Global Economy section, and her primary focus is on change management related engagements in financing and investing sectors that been influenced by Global fluctuations in a breeze. She is mainly responsible for Global Risk Assessment over CORPOUS investment portfolio and potential upcoming developments in different locations around the world. Oksana also reports regularly the Risk Appetite of CORPOUS with respect to current financial ratios, the capability of long-term credibility and global economic stability.

Oksana has close to 15 years of experience, and specializes in CRM related management, financial strategy, forecasting, deep money-flow analysis and funding consulting. She has enabled clients across multiple industry verticals, to achieve business process transformations in their product, service, and marketing functions by delivering capital spending, long-range financial planning and safe budgetary based solutions. Besides, she spent a lot of months, and successfully delivered business assessments, and implementation roadmaps over an experience on the ultimate likelihood analysis on long-term investment portfolios which are exposed to mainly local political and overhead country risks.

Oksana holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Economic and Law Sciences from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv – Ukraine.