Kerakh 50MW Wind Power Project

Kerakh 50MW Wind Power ProjectAl Kerakh / Jordan

Private Equity Project by CORPOUS

KERAKH 50MW Wind Power Project, is under consideration for further developments up to 50 MW installation capacity. MoU was obtained in August 2013, and by that inception, a wind resource assessment was performed by the expert technical company. Wind assessment map has been prepared and measurements have been conducted since September 2013. The assessment report indicates that a production of 478 GWh per year can be achievable using a Class II wind turbines, giving a capacity factor of 36 %.

The Site is located southwest to the town Kerakh. Proposed area is situated on a hill reaching an altitude of 900 m.a.s.l. A total area of around 50 km2 is available for development. A suitable area selected may accommodate up to 150 MW capacity. The environmental and social impact studies of the wind farm will be assessed in detail during the feasibility study and detail design, but an initial evaluation does not reveal any potential major hindrance.

Project Company (SPV) and the potential shareholders have been under developing and negotiation. The overall feasibility studies are updated and EPC Contractor, O&M Operator, Master designer and Access Road – Electrical Production and Transmission Detail designers are ready to be selected from potential experienced providers in the portfolio.

PMGLOBAL, leading consulting group involved in KERAKH wind power development, has been in the sector since 1997 which has an extensive experience in construction and project management markets, PPP investment model and RE power system projects.