RSD Software Project (Code C4)

RSD Software Project (Code C4)Istanbul / Turkey

Angel Touch Project by CORPOUS

Code 4, is a special project name not of a web-site, and is planned as a recruitment and career development web-portal in which jobs and resumes for candidates are to be posted and suitable opportunities are to be searched through by candidates and employers, as not being regular like others but to bring new solid breath to the employment market. Code 4 is estimated to create a fast-growing database of candidate resume of more than 8.1 million and at least 6,000 job-postings per month in average in 2 years.

Unlike other job-recruitment-sites, a particular steps in career development are inserted and the distinctive sub-portals are formed for different groups of candidates in terms of sequencing in academic, professional experience, certification, and other talents ways. Many remarkable newly invented features are framed within the interface by imagining user-friendly approaches. Code 4 is also to be available via mobile apps on iOS and Android platforms. For employers, Code 4 offers effective and extensive recruiting and employer branding solutions and helping them and their partners promote their brand to the best candidates in the market. Code 4 nest is headquartered in Zincirlikuyu, Istanbul and the project was ignited by Altar KILIC in 2012. And, Code 4 is an Angel Touch project of CORPOUS CAPITAL Inc., which has been financed from the scratch point to date.