Corpous Capital International (CORPOUS), a PMGLOBAL Close Partner, has been established as a Private Equity Company, possessing a main target that is to seek feasible green investments around the world. The company is configured in an architecture of Special Purpose Vehicle as such it incorporates to the investment projects as a risk-free shareholder. This gives an opportunity to have clear positions to be more marketable and investible. The ultimate strategy when dreaming and configuring such a corporate is to frame a royal investment company having alpha-plus business approaches so that it provides blue-chip bonds over the green future projects.

Private Debt

CORPOUS invests primarily in senior secured debt for feasible opportunities across a wide range of industries, and its investment strategy encompasses the core principals of Debt Funds, focusing on the preservation of investment principal and leveraging the overall resources and competitive advantages.

Private Equity

CORPOUS creates extensive global relationships supported by industry-leading in-house analytics that facilitates successfully to navigate the opportunities, and by direct investing seeks in focus long-term, stable, profitable, particularly public-benefit oriented and environment-friendly projects.

Venture Capital

CORPOUS invests in young start-up companies and small-medium businesses who stand out due to their ground-breaking technology and subsume long-term growth potential. In-house brains seek such entrepreneurship where the perfect shape could be sculptured in business plan with a success formula.

Angel Investment

CORPOUS supports unique ideas and small entrepreneurships especially in difficult early stages in which the drive-up tries to turn a solid business to grow up but generally stands still, and promotes favorable and fair terms compared to other type of capital investments where no close exit-plan is pinned.

Asset Brokerage

CORPOUS represents all sides to maximize assets by providing a scope of services including asset advisory, market intelligence, and equally important is the due diligence function performed to insure a buyer is getting what they are paying for, or to best position an asset for a seller to insure a smooth closing.

Corpous Foundation

CORPOUS FOUNDATION trusts out hand to transform and regulate the lives of youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds, and on the other hand, encourages more socially and environmentally sustainable societies by restoring the health and dignity of communities. and promoting the conservation of natural resources.


Economic disadvantage is a pure reality remarkably for very young people almost all around the world. As they grow up, many of these are failing at school, to make a successful move into work, or struggling within other social fluctuations before and after these stages. All too often, the dearth of opportunity that they experience is passed on to their own children – and so it continues onto the next generation. CORPOUS FOUNDATION trusts out hand to transform and regulate the lives of these youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds by ensuring that they get the support they need to succeed in education, find and keep jobs, and achieve their potential within their community.

Besides; people and opportunities differ and conservation will always have to be balanced with other demands and needs. From this point of view, humanity needs to focus on not only to their cravings and ambitions but, to implementing systems that support clean and efficient energy systems; building sustainable cities and enabling and empowering the environment to shift key paradigms around how we use our energy and reduce pollution. CORPOUS FOUNDATION encourages more socially and environmentally sustainable societies by restoring the health and dignity of communities, the protection of biological and cultural diversity, climate change mitigation, wildlife conservation, and the conservation of natural resources.

"Caring for GREEN FUTURE..."

Private Equities

Ghardaia 3B 20MW Solar Power Project (SPP)
Ghardaia / Algeria
Kerakh 50MW Wind Power Project
Al Kerakh / Jordan

Venture Enterprises

Kubbe Woodwork Atelier Concept
Ankara / Turkey
Prevento HSE Management Company Project
Istanbul / Turkey

Angel Touches

RSD Software Project (Code C4)
Istanbul / Turkey

Asset Brokerages

Hydro-Power Plant Hand-Over AB#1601
Erzurum / Turkey
Hydro-Power Plant Hand-Over AB#1602
Trabzon / Turkey

Investment Cycle

Investment decisions are not one off decisions. Public and private actors repeatedly or continuously make choices that shape investments and have impacts on higher development goals. The cycle is a way to conceptualize different phases of investment decision making. Taking this step-by-step approach is proposed to improve the quality and enhance the results of ongoing and future investment operations. The cycle, distinguishes four major phases, is relevant to all levels of investment choices: for investment plans, which set the broad sector investment priorities, as well as for investment programs and projects.

Scheme Strategically

ASSESS, SET AND COMMUNICATE SECTOR PRIORITIES, AND IDENTIFY PROJECTS FOR IMPLEMENTATION. This plan phase encompasses the analytical, planning and coordination work that will inform and guide specific investment commitments to achieve some targeted goals. It includes analyzing the context, understanding opportunities for concrete investments, and forging consensus about priorities and means of coordinated implementation between different investment stakeholders in the public and private sectors, civil society and development partners.


Architect Investment

ANALYZE CONTEXT, ALTERNATIVES AND CARRY OUT DETAILED PROJECT DESIGN. This design phase takes the initial project concept identified during the strategic planning phase and develops this to the stage where it is ready for implementation. Design should be carried out in a consultative and participatory way to ensure the proposed project reflects needs and opportunities and can count on the buy in of major stakeholders for successful implementation. Design requires background studies to underpin the selection of technical strategies, and to ensure that the project rationale and strategy is sound and feasible, and is likely to achieve the planned outputs.


Carry Out and Spectate

TAKE ACTION, MONITOR AND COMMUNICATE TOWARDS OBJECTIVES, MAKE NECESSARY ADJUSTMENTS. This phase is about getting the job done and delivering the envisaged results, making efficient use of available resources and fostering learning along the way. Implementation begins once funding is approved and continues until all activities have been completed, within the agreed-upon time frame for implementation. During this phase it is critical that the overall aspirations of the project or program are translated into step-by-step actions to reach those goals. Regular planning, monitoring and review mechanisms must be established with all relevant stakeholders.


Appraise, Frame and Lead

REVIEW AND EVALUATE EXPERIENCE TO INFORM SCALING UP FOR FUTURE PROJECTS. This evaluation phase is about understanding the results achieved by investment, ensuring that successful practice is continued and those positive impacts will last, and building upon insights from experience to inform future actions. Evaluation after completion aims to assess whether a project or program achieved its intended results, how the results were achieved and whether it has been more efficiently or not. In this way, evaluation plays a dual role: promoting accountability on the one hand and enhancing knowledge and learning on the other hand. The best step forward is to be led by this final output.

Paramount Hedgers

The prevailing intellection in CORPOUS CAPITAL fosters a dynamic and diversified culture in which managers and analysts work side-by-side in an effort to uncover the most promising investment opportunities. The distinctive teams own different skill sets by providing depth of cross-market coverage and are able to cultivate a rich pool of data to help drive sound investment decisions, while efficiently managing risk through security selection and thoughtful portfolio.


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