Husnu YESIRCI enjoyed some important sectors as an early manager such as Aviation and Management Consultancy in spite of his young ages of his professional career path, but consistent edification, hard-working, enthusiasm and altruism before he was enrolled on Corpous ledger.

He is responsible for public and media relations at Corpous while keeping communications strategy sound and rejuvenated during the whole investment period of the projects within the portfolio. He also represents the company for raising the flag of Corporate Social Responsibility concept including environmental sensitivities, not only commitment wise but with a real action plans and public involvements. As a liaison manager, he also coordinates and promotes the internal corporate interactions in terms of in-house trainings, employee coaching affairs and social events.

Since been joined Corpous, Husnu YESIRCI liaised extensively with clients and governmental entities across the globe on a range of business issues encompassing direct communication, part of business development and potential promises and commitments inter-related with the project developments on behalf of executive management of Corpous Capital International.

Husnu YESIRCI received a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Business Management from University of Dunaujvaros.