Prof. György ÁGOSTON

INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT Section is managed by Prof. György AGOSTON.

György engages a seat at Corpous Capital International (CORPOUS or CCI) as a Managing Director and a member of the Board of Directors. He has an ultimate responsible in managing investment portfolio for each and every sector and related countries. His role is very much client-facing, to take direct responsibility for profit generation, and also for setting the strategies that can help maximise those profits. He, also, involves in the critical parts of the Project Company configurations, Collaborations, Partnerships, Mergers and Acquisitions transactions such as picking potential partners and relating deals, shareholding and fee negotiations, deal tactics, senior-level client meetings.

György owns an experience in various facets of consultancy services in terms of economic and financial development, IT based high-end project development and implementation planning and transportation line projects. Besides, he is a lecturer in the academic capacity of Professor Level in one of the high-ranked universities of Hungary, University of Applied Sciences – Dunaujvaros by the courses like Road Transportation Informatics, Software Development, Project management, Finance, Banking, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Labour Market Policy, and is an active member of university projects and responsible for contacts with industrial partners, acquiring project works, organizing dual-cooperative higher education courses on behalf of university management.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Budapest University of Technology and Economics-Hungary, Master of Science degree in Transportation Engineering and Master of Business Administration in the concentration of Finance, Economics and Info-Communication received from same university. And, György had pursued, and received PhD level academics in Eötvös Lorand University, Hungary.

He is an expert volunteer at Clean Air Action Group in Budapest and looks for pro bono consulting voluntarily. He published three important books about transportation safety and transformation of transportation recently.